The Benefits & Importance Of Seeing A Periodontist In Oxford, FL, Can’t Be Overlooked

The Benefits & Importance of Seeing a Periodontist in Oxford, FL Can't Be Overlooked

Do you deal with constant gum pain or chronic bleeding? At Village Periodontics & Dental Implant Center, we know that there are many different types of oral disease that may cause such symptoms, but one of the most common is periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease is an infection of the gum tissue that holds your teeth in place. In advanced stages of untreated periodontal disease, your gums become sore and bleed. Some patients may deal with pain when chewing or possibly tooth loss. Common symptoms of periodontal disease include bad breath, swollen gums, bleeding, tenderness or pain, problems chewing, loosened teeth, extremely sensitive teeth, or receding gums.

Unfortunately, periodontal disease isn’t rare. According to recent studies, almost half of adults over the age of 30 in the U.S. have periodontal disease. The good news? The condition is 100% treatable and preventable.

At Village Periodontics and Dental Implant Center, our mission is to deliver the best possible care for patients suffering from periodontal disease. If you are in need of a high-quality and experienced periodontist in Oxford, FL, get in touch with our team today to schedule an appointment. We’ll perform a full exam to determine if periodontal disease is the cause of any mouth or tooth pain you are dealing with, and offer a wide range of treatment options.

Causes of Periodontal Disease

There are many causes of periodontal disease. One of the most common is poor brushing and flossing habits. When teeth are not properly brushed and flossed, a thick film of bacteria called plaque can begin to build up on the surface of teeth and harden, leading to periodontal disease and a host of other oral issues.

Another major risk factor is smoking cigarettes. We recommend quitting smoking while seeking treatment for periodontal disease, as continuing to smoke could make treatment less successful. Other causes of periodontal disease include diabetes, hormonal changes, saliva-affecting medication, and genetics.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

The best treatment for periodontal disease is excellent dental hygiene. In addition to good habits, a periodontist will offer a number of additional treatments that include scaling, professional cleaning, medicated mouthwashes, oral antibiotics, and enzyme suppressants. For extremely advanced periodontal disease, surgery might be needed.

There are many benefits to periodontal disease treatment, including:

  • Reduced bacteria and debris
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Pain-free teeth that do not hurt when chewing
  • Improved appearance of gums and teeth
  • Fresh breath
  • Healthier teeth and gums
  • Disease prevention
  • Improved tooth longevity
  • Restored function to teeth and gums

Periodontal Disease Prevention

You can prevent periodontal disease quite easily! Ensure that you are brushing and flossing your teeth after each meal, at least twice per day. If you smoke, work towards kicking the habit. If you are on saliva-reducing medication, make sure to drink more water to compensate and rinse your mouth out. Always see your local periodontist for regular checkups and cleanings to stay on top of possible symptoms and signs of periodontal disease, as well.

Treatment is also key to cultivating and maintaining a healthy mouth. If you are already suffering from periodontal disease and need treatment options, our friendly and compassionate team at Village Periodontics and Dental Implant Center would love to help you prioritize your gum health now and in the future.

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Yours in continuing dental health,
Dr. Dennis Davis, Dr. Nina Cramer, and the team at Village Periodontics & Implant Center in Oxford, FL