We guarantee our work....

Our commitment is to deliver high-quality, comprehensive, state-of-the-art, innovative periodontal and dental implant solutions. Dr. Davis and Dr. Cramer guarantee the implants they place because they use only the highest grade implants with proper treatment precautions.  Their success rate is very high.

Our periodontists are excellent diagnosticians....

Dr. Davis and Dr. Cramer are excellent diagnosticians who use the latest diagnostic technology. They take each patient’s needs and wants into consideration as well as the patient’s health history and long term prognosis.

Our doctors are accustomed to treating complex cases and have advanced training in determining which teeth can be treated and which teeth must be replaced.

Detail oriented....

Our doctors are known for being detailed oriented and have mastered their techniques to give patients a very natural healthy smile. 

The latest technology.... 

At Village Periodontics & Dental Implant Center we have the latest technology to assist in diagnosis, accurate treatment, and patient comfort.


The WOW Factor


At Village Periodontics & Dental Implant Center, our team embodies the WOW Factor through our welcoming, caring, empathetic, organized, and educated approach. From the moment patients make their first phone call, they experience our warm and professional greeting, ensuring they feel valued and scheduled within a week. Our reception area creates a comfortable environment for patients during their brief wait, offering beverages for their enjoyment. As patients step into the treatment area, they encounter the same reassurance and exceptional care we would provide to our own loved ones. The WOW Factor is evident from that initial phone call and continues to shine through every subsequent visit.


 ​​Continual Improvement


While we take great pride in our services and have unwavering confidence in them, we are also committed to constant improvement. We fully acknowledge the evolving landscape of technology and emerging techniques, understanding the necessity to adapt alongside them. Each team member possesses an open-minded attitude and actively seeks opportunities to acquire fresh knowledge, fostering a culture of ongoing growth that enhances our already outstanding service.


​​Passion & Drive


We enjoy what we do and that is the reason we have all been in the dental field for as long as we have.  We are passionate and we are driven.  We are eager to enroll in continuing education workshops in order to learn the latest information to provide the best care. We attend to details and are willing to go above and beyond for patients and co-workers. Our passion and drive are obvious and create a comfortable environment that makes it easy for patients to entrust us with their dental care. 


Accountability & Integrity


Accountability and integrity are essential to providing our patients the professional care they deserve.  We stand by the services we provide and assume accountability for our actions, decisions and policies.  We uphold our promises and stand by our work.  We recommend only the services necessary to the oral health of our patients.


​Patient Education


Patient education about periodontal treatment is a priority at Village Periodontics and Implant Center.  When patients are educated about their diagnoses and treatment plans, they can make informed, confident decisions. 

During your office visit, you and the doctor will discuss the reasons for your visit and the outcomes you are seeking. Clinical data will be collected during your exam. Dr. Davis or Dr. Cramer will then discuss the results with you and provide visuals to enhance your understanding.  Your overall health and history will be discussed and then treatment options will be offered.

If your diagnosis is more complex, then more time will be devoted to discussing your needs and treatment options at another appointment.  Options will be discussed at length so that you fully understand each one and can make an informed decision. 

We strive to educate each patient about his or her situation so that each patient is fully informed and included in the decision-making process.


Trustworthy Recommendations


Dr. Davis and Dr. Cramer make recommendations that meet patients’ oral health needs with consideration to patient concerns and cost effectiveness. They do not make unnecessary recommendations. They can be trusted to treat you with fairness and professionalism.