The Latest Technology 

The advancements in dental technology allows us to properly diagnose our patients and offer more predictable treatment options. In addition, the advancements provide techniques that make procedures less uncomfortable and more efficient.   


IV Conscious Sedation 

Dr. Davis offers IV Conscious Sedation. IV Conscious Sedation is a series of sedative drugs that are administered through an IV. Although patients are not asleep they are in a very relaxed state and are unaware of whats being done during treatment. 


L-PRF is a natural fibrin network rich in platelets, leukocytes and growth factors that are derived from the patient's own blood. It is known to promote and enhance natural healing and it produces faster healing of bone and soft tissue. From the patient, for the patient!


One of the most advanced treatments of periodontal disease utilizes the dental laser.  Periolase by Millenium Dental Technologies is unique among lasers. It was designed to treat periodontal disease in a unique way. It uses a very short high energy pulse of photon energy to attack specific bacteria hiding in periodontal pockets. 

This protocol has been proven to be the best nonsurgical way to treat advanced gum disease. 

Cone Beam CT Scanning is becoming the standard of care in Dental implantology.  This 3D radiographic image provides a detailed mapping of the anatomy so that implants can be placed more quickly, more accurately, and with a much higher level of comfort and safety. Cone Beam CT scanning provides the quality, predictability and reliability of treatment that is our standard at Village Periodontics. 


3 Shape Trios

The 3 Shape Trios is an intraoral scanner that takes a 1000 pictures per second of the oral cavity. It is also known as a digital impression. This scanner eliminates the need for impression material that causes discomfort. It is a quicker, more accurate, and innovative way to take impressions. 

The process is quick and leaves no sticky residue. It ensures optimal treatment results and is also equipped to determine restorative shade color.

Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography is a form of x-ray imaging that uses digital X-ray sensors as opposed to traditional photographic film. X-rays can be taken quickly using less radiation. High quality images can be seen immediately.

The Wand 

We’ve taken the fear, anxiety and pain out of injections. The Wand® is an excellent example of our efforts to bring you the latest technology and help you to have a pleasant experience in our office.  The device looks like a pen – no more scary syringe!

The Wand utilizes a computer to deliver the anesthetic solution one drop at a time painlessly.

Piezotome 2 Ultrasonic Surgical Unit

The Piezotome surgical unit is used by Dr. Davis during surgical procedures where bone needs to be altered while preserving soft tissue, nerves and arteries. It has the highest power on the market and insures fast and safe bone surgery.  The Piezotome is less detrimental to bone healing than the traditional use of rotary instruments. 


Piezoelectric ultrasonic scaling units provide gentle tartar removal with the least amount of water and temperature sensitivity.  

Closed Water System

At Village Periodontics, all treatment rooms are outfitted with a closed water system. This system uses distilled water to prevent waterborne bacteria and viruses.  There is no better way to have control of dental water lines than with the use of self-contained water bottles on the dental units. This system is configured to feed distilled water to the hand pieces, syringes, and ultrasonic scalers.  Why is this done? Simply stated, it is to have control of water quality. Through the water bottles, we can also deliver sterilizing chemicals that can kill hazardous biofilms. Ultimately, the quality of water delivered to the patient’s mouth is the best, cleanest and healthiest water we can provide.

Regenerative proteins

During some procedures, our doctors use treatment modalities such as, Emdogain, a protein-based gel that is designed to promote predictable regeneration of lost periodontal hard and soft tissues caused by periodontitis. The use of Emdogain helps to save and preserve the tooth.

GEM 21S® Growth-factor Enhanced Matrix, another treatment modality, is a synthetic grafting system that stimulates wound healing and bone regeneration.

Osteocel Plus Bone Grafting Matrix

Osteocel Plus is a safe, effective and reliable product that is used to stimulate a patient's own bone forming cells to fill in a tooth that has inadequate bone due to defects.  Bone is completely replaced without having to harvest bone from other parts of the patient's body.